4-channel Partial Discharge Detector

Partial discharge detector is suitable for the online partial discharge measurement of electrical apparatus, such as surge arresters, insulators, power transformers, generators, CT/VT, GIS, capacitors, power cables and switchgears. There are 3 models,JXFE-2003, JXFD-2010 and JXFD-2010S.

Technical Data of JXFD-2010S
1) Measuring Channels: 4 Channels;
2) The capacitance range of the test object 6pF--250μF;
3) Test precision: 0.1pC;
4) Sample precision: 12bit;Sample Rate : 20M/S;
5) Time window: You can select the phase dynamically, amplify the time window dynamically.

6) Filter frequency band:
(a) On low frequency 3dB, fL: 10, 20, 40 KHz optional;
(b) On high frequency 3dB, fH: 80, 200, 300 KHz optional, fL and fH can be freely combined to form any filter band .
7) Data store and display. It can print and generate standard test report.
8) AC220V, Frequency 50Hz, Power 300W.

Additional Product Information

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