Combination Wave Generator

Combination wave generator can be used to generate impulse of exponential shapes to perform high energy surge tests. The system can output combination wave (open circuit voltage 1.2/50μs & short circuit current 8/20μs).
With additional impulse modules, it can output 10/350μs and 8/20μs.

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  1. Different impulse modules for up gradation in the future, easy for operation
  2. Automatic polarity switching
  3. Peak voltage and current monitoring
  4. Integrated large test cabinet with dimension of 40*40*30cm
  5. Open structure for expand waveforms
  6. Easy operation and maintenance
  7. Liquid insulation in the impulse capacitors is made of castor oil which offers optimal environmental compatibility (no PCBs). The impulse capacitors have very low inductance, high quality and long service life.
  8. Considerate safety measures
  9. Door safety interlock

1) The whole cabinet is grounded to earth.

2) Emergency stop button is equipped with magnetic materials and is removable on both sides according to the height of the operators.

3) One magnetic switch on the door of the test cabinet. When it is charging, it is impossible to open the door of the test cabinet. Unless the operator stops or pause the test, the door of the test cabinet can be opened.

4) Manual earthing rod and Automatic earthing system



Test Class II or Class III SPDs

Technical Parameters
Model No Open circuit voltage waveform

(1.2/50μs )

Short circuit current Waveform(8/20μs) Output Impedance Impulse repetition
CWG6 1~6kV 0.5~3kA 3 pulses/minute
CWG10 1~10kV 0.5~5kA 2 pulses/minute
CWG20 1~20kV 1~10 kA 2 pulses/minute
CWG30 1~30kV 1.5~15kA 2 pulses/minute


  • Different impulse modules for your choice
Impulse module no Output waveform Output range Output Impedance Impulse repetition
JXIM-01 Combination waveform



1~10kV 40Ω 2 pulses/minute
Combination waveform


JXIM-02 10/350μs 1~5kA 12Ω 2 pulses/minute
JXIM-03 10/1000μs 75~375A 37Ω 2 pulses/minute
JXIM-04 8/20μs 5~30kA 0.5Ω 2 pulses/minute
  • AC or DC power source for operating duty test

Coupling/Decoupling network


IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 61643-11,UL1449-2006, GB18802.1, GB/T18802.21

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