Impulse Voltage Test Systems

Steep Waveform Generator Unit

Steep waveform generator units are used to generate the steep wave front waveform. They comprises of one steep waveform generator gap unit and resistive voltage divider.
The gap unit consists of sphere gaps, transmission gear, capacitors and corona rings, which are mounted on the rectangular metal base.

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Multiple Chopping Gap

The SXJB multiple chopping gap can be used for chopping of lightning impulse voltages between 20 kV and 3600 kV. The chopping can be realized at the front or at the tail of the impulse.

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Impulse Voltage Generator

Impulse voltage generator can be used to generate impulse voltages simulating lightning impulse (1.2±30%/50±20%μs), chopped lightning impulse (chopped time between 2~6μs to test power transformers, instrument /voltage transformers and bushings), switching impulse (250±10%/2500±10% μs) and steep front waveforms (to test glass insulator, composite insulators or ceramic insulators) .

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