Series Resonant Test System

Series Resonant Test Systems with variable inductance and module type are used for factory testing of medium and high voltage cables, power transformers, bushings, high voltage capacitors, generators, arresters and high voltage accessories. They include stackable modules that can be used to test a wide range of products. The systems can be expandable to cover future test requirements that may require higher voltage and power levels.

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  1. Lowest PD noise level;
  2. Low input power demand due to high quality factor;
  3. Pure AC sine wave at output;
  4. Multiple Q valuesto meet a variety of applications;
  5. Highest voltages by cascading of several modules;
  6. Large variety by single, series and parallel circuits;
  1. AC withstand test on cables and cable accessories;
  2. Applied voltage tests on transformers;
  3. AC withstand tests on GIS, capacitors, generators and motors;
  4. HV tests on voltage and current transformers;
  5. Bushing testing;
  6. Partial discharge testing
Technical Parameters
Model No. Maximum Output Voltage Output Current PD Level
(kV) (A)
SXXZ-1400/70 70 20 <5pC
SXXZ-2800/70 70 40 <5pC
SXXZ-340/85 85 4 <5pC
SXXZ-1000/100 100 10 <5pC
SXXZ-2250/100 100 22.5 <5pC
SXXZ-2400/120 120 20 <5pC
SXXZ-2640/220 220 12 <5pC
SXXZ-2500/250 250 10 <5pC
SXXZ-3500/350 350 10 <5pC
SXXZ-5250/350 350 15 <5pC
SXXZ-7000/350 350 20 <5pC
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