Multiple Chopping Gap

The SXJB multiple chopping gap can be used for chopping of lightning impulse voltages between 20 kV and 3600 kV. The chopping can be realized at the front or at the tail of the impulse.

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  • Automatic adjustment of the sphere distance by the controls
  • Display of the gap distance on the control desk
  • With a manual control box to adjust the gap distance standalone.
  • Usable for some applications as a voltage divider with an additional secondary unit the chopping gap.
  • Equipped with toroid electrodes made of brushed aluminum
  • With wheels at the base frame for easy movement.

It serves simultaneously as a load capacitor for the impulse generator and allows excellent reproducibility of the chopping time and does not distort the wave shape until the chopping point. It is for indoor operation and mobile design.

Technical Parameters
Model No. Maximum
Number of stages HV capacitance
kV pF
SXJB-300 300 2 300/400
SXJB-450 450 3 300/400
SXJB-600 600 3 300/400
SXJB-800 800 4 300/400
SXJB-1000 1000 5 300/400
SXJB-1200 1200 6 300/400
SXJB-1800 1800 9 300/400
SXJB-2400 2400 12 300/400
SXJB-3000 3000 15 300/400

IEC60060-1, IEC60060-2

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