Impulse Current Generator

SA type impulse current generator can generate different types lightning impulse current shapes such as 4/10μs, 8/20μs, 1<20μs, 30/80μs, 60/100μs , long duration current according to IEC 60099-4. Modifications can be applied according to the request of our customers.
This type of test system is especially to test the metal oxide surge arresters.

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  1. Reliable and precisely controlled triggering unit by power pulse;
  2. Protective earthing system for safety;
  3. Shape resistors designed for low inductance and connected by easy joint;
  4. Specially designed circuit available for different shapes;
  5. Easy operation with the automatic control based on PLC module;
  6. Special solutions to customer’s problem and special requirement.
  1. Residual voltage test of surge arresters;
  2. 4/10μs impulse current test of surge arresters;
  3. Long duration impulse current test of surge arresters


Technical Parameters
Exponential Impulse Currents Wave Shape Peak Current Residual Voltage
μs kA kV
High current impulse 4/10μs T1=4±0.5μs,T2=10±1μs Upto 200kA 40kV
Lightning current impulse 8/20μs T1=8±1μs,T2=20±2μs Upto 60kA 50kV
Steep current impulse     1<20μs T1=1μs±0.1μs,T2<20μs Upto 30kA 40kV
30/80μs current impulse T1=25±5μs,T2=80±10μs Upto 60kA 45kV
Switching impulse current    60/100μs   T2=60μs~200μs(T2≈2T1) Upto 35kA
2ms long duration 2ms≤Td≤2.4ms Upto 2kA _
2.8ms long duration 2.8ms≤Td≤3.36ms Upto 1500A _
3.2ms long duration 3.2ms≤Td≤3.84ms Upto 1500A _

IEC 60099-4

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