Impulse Current Test System

SP type impulse current test system can generate 8/20μs or 10/350μs impulse current waveforms. The systems can be used to test SPD, lightning rod and other lightning protection devices.

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  1. Easy operation with the automatic control based on PLC module;
  2. Reliable and precise triggering unit by pulse amplifier;
  3. Automatical polarity change;
  4. Liquid insulation in the impulse capacitors is made of castor oil which offers optimal environmental compatibility (no PCB’s). The impulse capacitors have very low inductance, high quality and long service life.
  5. Protective earthing system, earthing rod and emergency button, gate interlock for personnel and equipment safety;
  6. Wave shaping resistors are designed for low inductance and connected with handy plug;
  7. Stable and precise communication between the measuring system and control system;
  8. Easy operation with the console based on Japan Mitsubishi PLC module, touch screen panel and computer screen. Optical-fiber is also used for high reliability;
  9. With Pearson brand current monitor made in USA to measure the current peak and Tektronix oscilloscope to record the waveforms;
  1. SPD, varistors, GDT;
  2. Lightning rod;
  3. Lightning protection system components;
  4. Other lightning protection devices.
Technical Parameters

The test system includes the following main components:

  • HV charging unit
  • Impulse current generator
  • Central spark gap
  • Housing of test object
  • Automatic earthing system
  • Automatic control system
  • Measurement system

Available Options

  • AC/DC power source for operating duty test
  • Coupling/decoupling unit
  • Oscilloscope
  • Current shunt/Pearson coil
  • Residual voltage divider


Model No Shapes Current Peak
JXIC60S 8/20μs 60kA±10%
JXIC100S 8/20μs 100kA±10%
JXIC150S 8/20μs 150kA±10%
JXIC200S 8/20μs 200kA±10%
JXIC25H 10/350μs 25kA±10%
JXIC50H 10/350μs 50kA±10%
JXIC100H 10/350μs 100kA±10%
JXIC100D 8/20μs 100kA±10%
10/350μs 20kA±10%
JXIC150D 8/20μs 150kA±10%
10/350μs 30kA±10%
JXIC200D 8/20μs 200kA±10%
10/350μs 35kA±10%

IEC 61643-11,NFC-17-102, IEC62561-1,IEC62561-2, UL1449

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