AC Resonant Test System

AC resonant test system with variable inductance and metal tank type is used for factory testing of medium and high voltage cables, high voltage capacitors, generators, and motors. They use the resonance between the capacitive test object and the inductive HV reactor of the test system to generate a continuous sinusoidal high voltage.

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits

The oil-cooled HV reactor is installed in a closed steel tank. The high voltage is fed outward through the steel tank through a HV bushing. The reactor can be fitted with additional voltage taps (bushings) to achieve largest testable capacitances of test objects at lower test voltages.
Low power demand due to high quality factor;

  1. Low level of partial discharge < 5 pC;
  2. Higher duty cycle thanks to excellent cooling properties;
  3. Ideal sinusoidal test voltage for series resonance systems;
  4. Low noise level thanks to special mechanical design;
  5. Low maintenance operation over the entire service life
  1. For routine testing of medium and high voltage cables up to 400 kV according to IEC 60502 and IEC 60840
  2. For routine testing of high voltage capacitors up to 60 kV according to IEC 60871
  3. For routine and inspection testing of generators and motors up to 60 kV according to IEC 60034
Technical Parameters
Model No. Power Maximum Output Voltage Output Current
(kVA) (kV) (A)
CLXZ-1050/350 1050 350 3
CLXZ-3500/350 3500 350 10
CLXZ-800/400 800 400 2
CLXZ-1200/400 1200 400 3
CLXZ-600/2*300 600 600 1
CLXZ-1200/2*300 1200 600 2
CLXZ-12000/2*300 12000 600 20
CLXZ-21000/2*350 21000 700 30
CLXZ-900/900 900 900 1
CLXZ-3150/350*3 3150 1050 3
CLXZ-3600/1200 3600 1200 3
CLXZ-8000/1600 8000 1600 5

IEC 60060, IEC 60034, IEC 60870,IEC 60502 and IEC 60840

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